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HOWTO information can be difficult to categorize succinctly because software, hardware, theory, practice, and advice often cover very similar material. The categories below are loosely formed. Often the same subject may be approached differently in more than one category.  git is a good example - it is an application, an approach to solving a problem, and has recommended best practices.

Updates Overview
  • General Install - tips on installing services
  • Specific Hardware and OS/Driver Installation
    - detailed specific step by step instructions for setting up hardware
  • Web Design Info - two part HTML and CGI tips
  • Application Info - popular application tips
  • Development Platform Info - details how to do the
    same kind of things on different platforms. Each platform is further broken
    down into install, quick reference, and code development
  • Programming Language Info - how to do the same thing in different languages


Coming soon: web coding on site class. 


Works in Progress [edit]

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